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The Societe Generale group data policy

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The Societe Generale group is a major player in the financial services sector with more than 31 million individual, professional, business and financial institution clients worldwide. In the course of their work, the Group’s business units have always collected, used and stored certain personal data of their clients in order to be able to offer them the services that most suit their needs and to continually improve their offerings.

In this digital era, the volume of available data is growing steadily, enabling the Group’s business units to offer products and services that are increasingly personalised and adapted to their clients’ needs.

For this reason, the Societe Generale group, aware of the importance for its clients of maintaining control of their personal data, is reasserting its commitment to be a responsible player in the way it deals with data. In this document, the Group shares its policy and key principles on the protection and use of personal data. These policies and principles will also be adapted for each business unit and geographical location in which the Group operates, in accordance with local regulations.

1. Our commitment to protect and maintain the security of our clients’ personal data

As a responsible banking Group, we commit ourselves to protect and maintain the security of the personal data of our clients against any unauthorised attempt to use it or disclose it, and against any disclosure that does not comply with our data protection commitments.

The protection and responsible use of personal data has always been a key component in the activities of our different business units. We have considerable expertise and a strong track record testifying that our Group is a trusted player in the management of our clients’ personal data.

We have developed and implemented policies, procedures and tools to rigorously secure our operations and information systems.

2. Our commitment to use data ethically and with respect for privacy in order to provide the best possible service to our clients

The personal data of our clients are important and precious. We commit ourselves to use it ethically and responsibly with the aim of servicing our clients. We commit ourselves to only collect data that is needed for the performance of our activities. We use this data in order to offer banking products and services that are of the best quality, and that are most efficient and most suited to the expectations and preferences of our clients.

We undertake not to share the personal data of our clients outside of the Societe Generale group unless required by the regulations.

To this end, we provide training and foster a sense of responsibility among our employees in the protection of personal data.

3. Our commitment to guarantee clear and transparent information

We guarantee to our clients that we will provide clear information on a regular basis on the use of their personal data through the most appropriate methods of communication.

This involves communicating to our clients the conditions and purpose of use of their personal data, and when it is required by law we obtain their approval.

We also guarantee to our clients easy access to their personal data and we commit ourselves to update this data regularly. If the data is not up-to-date or contains errors, we guarantee that our clients have the possibility of modifying the data.


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